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About Makeup Mentor

Makeup Mentor is a New York based company that provides one-on-one consulting and individualized business guidance to artists of all levels in the makeup industry.

Makeup Mentor's mission is to aid artists in the many aspects of their career by providing affordable, compassionate and personalized support. Through our custom Mentee programs, artists can immediately take charge of their career.

Makeup Mentor helps further every member's career according to his or her individual desires and needs. To further our goal of raising the standards of the makeup industry, Makeup Mentor is dedicated to creating life-long relationships with Mentees.

Spring Super, Founder of Makeup Mentor

"When I graduated from Aesthetics/Makeup School, I had no clue how to run a business, how to pursue clients or promote my services successfully. Luckily, I assisted a talented makeup artist who became my Mentor; I learned so many priceless lessons! It is time to pass on the knowledge about the business of makeup to the next generation of driven artists. They shouldn't have to go through this process alone. Today, it gives me great joy to enable artists to make a living as Professional Makeup Artists".

Bringing over a decade of significant experience, Spring conveys a relateable attitude to every aspect of makeup artistry. Originally from the West Coast, her career began by becoming a licensed aesthetician and apprenticing for established artists. Specializing in straight makeup and creative airbrush technique, Spring's combination of traditional and modern skills sets her apart as an artist that can do it all!

Spring has made a positive impact in the industry and believes that in order to be successful, makeup artists need to be supportive of each other. She helps to develop and strengthen the professional makeup artist community through her mentoring, instruction at top makeup institutions and writing. Her passion for professionalism, technique and product knowledge has helped her build an arsenal of skills sought after by industry leaders including Maybelline, Smashbox and Temptu Pro.

Credits: Founder/Owner of Makeup Mentor; Aesthetician & Skin Care Expert; Instructor for top institutions including Makeup Designory and Temptu Pro; Hair and Makeup Artist represented exclusively by Ennis; Sponsored by Smashbox, Temptu Pro, Clarins and Maybelline; Member of National Association of Professional Women; Public Speaker and Writer on topics of Skin Care and Beauty for Maybelline and Temptu Pro, Volunteer for charitable organizations including G.L.A.A.D.